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Posted on September 23, 2014


I use to work in the salon industry wearing many hats. One of them being a Bridal/Event Coordinator for a spa & salon. Many brides, bridesmaids and MOH’s (pronounced MOE’s) aka Maids of Honor ladies or gentleman (not excluding you Patrick Dempsey) would often be frazzled, dehydrated, & lost.

So here I was to the rescue with reassurance, champagne & facials.

As I was perusing one of my favorite organic & green beauty brands, I noticed they had something that I think all Brides or those getting ready for any kind of event may need. MINI BEAUTY KITS!

I love MINI BEAUTY KITS they are probably the best thing to happen to beauty since the sampling bars & boxes.  They have been around for quite some time before sampling bars & boxes; they deliver a packed dosage of beauty that make a great gift or prep party for all beauty needs.

Blushing Bride

This kit delivers everything a Bride needs from a stem cellular repair CC cream that transforms tired, dull skin overnight to a facial highlighter and mineral powder carefully crafted with the help of Alicia Silverstone.

Kiss The Bride

All of you know how much I love Alicia Silverstone and her message. In her efforts to help others she has teamed up with Juice Beauty to help conquer the yucky things in all cosmetics. She also helped design the Kiss the Bride kit (above) which is more for parched & stressed faces. Hydration for me is always a great pick me up when I’m stressed out and need a quick time out. This kit also comes with a highlighter and a beautiful, blushing pink lipstick.

I love Juice Beauty and have used their products for years. I am a huge supporter of organic beauty and their prices aren’t that bad for what the investment is-pesticide free beauty with health benefits.

Read more here at Why Organic?

XOXO, Jessica

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