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Posted on September 19, 2014


For a very, very long time I have been OBSESSING over Tate’s Comics. They have two locations one in Lauderhill and one in Boynton Beach. I hope to visit both one day and introduce my daughter into a very whimsical, magical world to share in my self-proclaimed nerdiness.

Here are reasons why:

1. I ❤ Nail Art

This chick is for lack of a better word bad-ass. She can literally recreate any image on your NAILS!

Contact nailsneedlovetoo@yahoo.com for appointments or pricing!

Contact nailsneedlovetoo@yahoo.com for appointments &  pricing!


2. Bear & Bird Gallery

Who doesn’t love a gallery above a comic book shop!? Well, Bear & Bird is where it’s at. They not only have featured one of my favorite artists, Mab Graves, but also feature works from local artists and the community. I’m very much down for any establishment that is about the community and Tate’s is all about the community and bringing people together.

Feel free to stop by this event and adorn your home with some charm.

Feel free to stop by this event and adorn your home with some charm.


3. Because Families that Cosplay together, stay together.

Cosplay or costume play is a form of performance art. It allows individuals to express their passion for that comic book, manga, or favorite show. Follow their instagram for more fun shots of families, the community and their cosplay adventures.



4. Fashion is EVERYWHERE.

Messenger bags, purses, jewelry and more, the designs at Tate’s are playful enough to make Moschino squeal. Carrying lines like Jump From Paper from Taiwan.


And finally…

5. A place to wave the NERD flag loud & Proud.

I don’t know why but women particularly get a lot of flack sometimes for liking, reading, and knowing comics. I think Tate’s defies this with their customers, staff, and the relationship they have built with the community. Their passion truly shows. I have read comics & graphic novels for years. I love that such a place exists.


From Archie to Spiderman, to my ever so favorite X-Men collection, I was (and still am) one of those girls who simply adored the complexity of characters and story lines, not to mention the ART. The time and work it takes into creating a comic, manga or graphic novel is a labor of love and creativity; I appreciate that more than anything.

My X-Men Stash. Looking for more to add to my collection!

My X-Men Stash. Looking for more to add to my collection!


 For more goodies, comics or special events stop by Tate’s Comics, Inc. I know I’ll be making an appearance soon!

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Featured in BUST Magazine’s Feb/March 2013 issue

All images from tatescomics.com


XOXO, Jessica


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