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st ives 2604-357515-FreshSkin-Apricot-Scrub-300x300Parabens-I’ve heard about them, scoff at the notion of it being in or on my body, but do I really know what they are?

I decided to do a little research. One of my favorite Body brands, St. Ives, which I’ve been using since I was 14, (I think everyone remembers this famous product-the grainy exfoliating grail of gold) has a BIG secret; well it’s not really a secret but I like to add a little suspense to my posts! They are Paraben-Free. Parabens are unnatural, chemically created preservatives or compounds found in virtually, almost all cosmetics and body products. I don’t have a hollywood starlet’s budget, so whenever possible I like to have options-options that are healthy and that don’t break my bank. st ivesThey use 100% natural moisturizers and exfoliants in all of their products including my recent favorite that I found at Walgreens featured above. This was a really great kit that got me through the summer and because I have Walgreens Rewards it was on sale for $5.99 originally $14.99.

It included two body washes, one creamy, one exfoliating, one loofah, one spray on lotion & one gentle exfoliating face cleanser. It also comes in two scents-Coconut Milk & Orchid Extract and Pink Lemon & Mandarin Orange.

I’m just running on empty with the facial & body cleanser that came in Pink Lemon & Mandarin Orange-which both were very citrusy and have exfoliating beads that moisturize and dissolve quickly. I can’t wait to try the Coconut Milk & Orchid Extract body wash, the spray on lotion is very moisturizing and it’s quick & easy to use-if you’re in a hurry and are pressed for time.

This kit of products really went a long way for me and save me beaucoup beauty bucks! All of these products individually range from $4-$9 dollars so the Just For You collection is a must in my book. When cooler weather hits, I’ll switch over the Oatmeal & Shea Collection!

450oatmaleXOXO Jessica

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