Reduce, Reuse, Recycle, Runway?

Posted on August 25, 2014


Eco-fashion is kind of a big deal. With hundreds of sweatshops, unsustainable practices, and the Story of Stuff it’s kind of hard to ignore.

That’s why brands are coming back with a plan for Eco-friendly Fashion that’s far from a burlap bag. There are many brands out there but the ones I favor are the ones that are truly impactful.

Bella M
An organic & cruelty free line with cozy knits. Each piece is organically hand crafted using a loom!



Bella M

Vaute Couture
Vaute did the fox say? Nothing because he’s still alive, thanks to Vaute Couture. One of my favorite lines, some of the pieces are very high fashion but for regular gals like myself I’m good with this comfortably chic sweater lamby.



They also have a membership where you can bundle tees for a special price! Vaute, Vaute!

I love H&M but I love them even more after exploring their newly revamped website complete with Eco-friendly and sustainability campaigns.




For those who can’t afford to shop these brands, I suggest upcylcing. Go to a friend’s closet, consignment shops, or thrift stores like Goodwill instead of purchasing from the store. Or check out Instagram, now there are tons of IGers who have a “shop my closet” shop.

Happy Hunting! Clothes…not animals 🙊

XOXO Jessica

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