The Small Things

Posted on October 30, 2013


Today I had a bad mommy day. The day where your baby won’t eat anything you put in front of them, where they spit up all over everything after you’ve put their pajamas on, where the house is a disaster and everything seems so infinite. Thank god I have my husband because if not, straight jacket me now.

After a long and thought provoking hot shower-I don’t even know why people begin to relive their entire day in the shower, but I do this…Am I crazy? Does anyone else do this?

I look down at my worn hands, cuticles that would make any manicurist cringe; I move to the mirror. I look at myself a long time just to make sure I’m still me. Days long gone where the beauty routine before bed was a 12 step process,now it shaves 10-15 minutes of sleep from me so it’s nixed. No more nail polish on the hands because it doesn’t last. If I do the gel manicure my Eco-morale goes off the Richter scale. Screaming in my face are the words chemical laden and uv cancer causing rays. Why do we do this ourselves? We calculate every natural instinct to pamper ourselves. We debate. We argue. It will cost money. It will take too much time. I’m too tired. I don’t think it’s worth it. It will give me cancer! By the way everything gives your cancer. Ask the CDC.

After that long look, that calculating thought process, and that judgey little a-hole on my shoulder telling me not to spend time on myself anymore, I’ve decided that the strike is over. Just because we are moms doesn’t mean we have to stop being who we are or not take care of ourselves. I even do this without thinking. I think as parents it’s second nature.

Those little moments of peace that I steal to read that book, dry my hair, or even try that recipe I saw on food network can save my sanity.

So I put a mask on my face, you know to stop the wrinkles and I think tomorrow I’ll get a manicure.

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