Little Gurus-This is my 5th attempt, and the one I am most proud of by Erica Brown

Posted on October 22, 2013


Great news! My good friend, Erica Brown is my guest contributor this October with some parenting wisdom. She is always writing about her two muses and inspiring others all while having Superhero dress up days with her handsome little fellas. This piece I originally was set to edit, but I think with its love and gratitude pouring from the words I didn’t have the heart. Enjoy!

The earth may not be the center of the universe but my children are undoubtedly the center of mine. It’s an indescribable feeling to convey when I think about my ability to offer my knowledge and, never thought I’d use the term, wisdom in a way that will mold two little fellas into strong willed and independently abled human beings. Even more gratifying is the awareness that all the while they are helping me transform and they so far have been my greatest teachers.

They spill milk. They mash bananas into the couch. They wrestle to a point which seems as if their only goal is to reign triumphantly over the other who comes wailing into my arms with tear filled eyes. Although sometimes I feel as if they are tag team partners in terrorizing their mother (who plays the part of referee disturbingly well) there is another side of them which I am proud to say I helped create. Logan, 6, asks, “May I be excused from the table?” Dylan, 2 1/2 exclaims after smacking his brother in the head with a construction vehicle, “sowwy brubbah!” as he hugs his older sibling with all of the remorse he can conjure up.

I have let go of the idea of having a perfect family because I finally understand that it is the imperfections in the simplest interactions between the individuals whom make up this family that make us happily dysfunctional. There are times when I swear my head is going to explode with the thoughts of errands and deadlines and timelines yet Dylan somehow knows to come take my hand so that I can watch him draw his masterpiece on a chalkboard. Sigh of relief. In the middle of cooking dinner and worrying about bill payment I can always count on Logan to emerge into the kitchen with an architectural work of Lego art. “Mommy, are you proud of me?” You’re damn straight I am!

In their ways of communicating with me I can see the tiny details of my motherly teachings and low and behold they are unintentionally reciprocating by showing to me in times of need the simplest and some of the most essential human emotions. Patience. Perseverance. Empathy and sympathy. Awareness. Love.

I’m proud that they say please and thank you. Logan has even started opening the door for me saying, “ladies first.” These things matter and I hope they carry their manners with them throughout their lives ’cause we all know that there are some adults who may need to go back to kindergarten to learn a few basics. More importantly I have little boys who act, analyze, think and react. That thought process is my proudest accomplishment as a mother because the result is much more often than not unadulterated innocent kindness and sincerity.

They are, unknowingly, my tiny gurus. They help me place myself in this world through every act I commit. I never knew it was so simple. They give me a perspective on this world full of madness to the point where it starts making sense. Simply put, if we teach our children to love others and we can see the living result acted out, we have won. I humbly and most gladly gravitate around their miniature statures booming with massively positive energy.

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