“What do you mean he don’t eat no meat? Oh that’s ok I make lamb.”

Posted on October 18, 2013


I had a little health scare the other day. Perfect timing Universe, being that Halloween is right around the corner. All kidding aside though, it was not to be taken lightly. So as I sat there in the doctor’s office going down the checklist of lifestyle behaviors I have not been keeping up with-working out, eating right, listening to my body, yoga, meditating, drinking more water I decided it was time for a change.

Going back to a plant based diet is not easy. Especially when you’ve lived off the “forbidden fruit” aka chicken, beef, pork for almost half of your life. If you have never grown up with carnivores, please reference the scene in My Big Fat Greek Wedding where Tula tells her family that her fiance is a vegetarian. I promise you it is exactly like that.

3 years ago, for health reasons, I tried to become a vegetarian. I found out that I was really a part time vegetarian and never committed to becoming a full on vegetarian. I read books, tried recipes (even vegan ones), but still never found the discipline to maintain this huge lifestyle change. I would go to family dinners and there it would be, on the table, taunting me like a child with a magnifying glass to ants. (I’m pretty sure any piece of meat in barbecue sauce is the devil) It whispers in my ear and sits on my shoulder saying, “Eattttt Meeeeeee.” These are my struggles. Simply put, because I love food. I love what it takes to make that meal-the ingredients, the love that goes into it and of course the taste. Dang you Food Network! 

Dear Barbecued Ribs,

I’m breaking up with you. Forever.

Love, Jess

Alas though, it is making me sick. I’ve seen nearly way too many documentaries and have enough foodie friends to know that it’s killing me, especially since I have an auto-immune disease. Not to mention the digestive upset I experience from eating such things. So, the other night I went to the grocery store, loaded up and bathed myself in Holy Water because I’m going to need it.

My journey shall be chronicled. I’ll laugh, I’ll cry, I’m sure I’ll dream of chickens in my sleep.

This is so much bigger than myself though. The process of harming and pumping these animals full of antibiotics  and poisons it’s to no surprise why there’s been an influx of cancers, diseases and not to mention the latest instance of salmonella. The animals die so shockingly and inhumanely, I think there’s only so much Temple Grandin can do to revolutionize one slaughter house at a time.

With that being said I know this is going to be hard but you know what, Oprah and Alicia Silverstone got my back. Check out the vegan starter kit chock full of recipes and a grocery list. This is my goal eventually, to become a vegan. But for now, I’ll start small. After all, that’s how the wave starts right? With one small ripple.

P.S. I had a piece of chicken tonight. I’ll be being paying for it later 😦

Love and Be Light,


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