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Posted on April 15, 2013



I recently have dived deep into the Ayurvedic lifestyle and its multitude of benefits. I used to practice many years ago, beginning when I was 15 years old when I first discovered it in, of all things, a SEVENTEEN magazine. They had a simple test to see which Dosha type you were and how you can change your mind and body habits for a better you.

I have always been into yoga, Ayurveda, holistic healing, crystal healing and anything I could think of to reconnect to the earth and myself. Finding out my dosha type was my first step into this beautiful world of love, natural beauty, and appreciation for the self. You can also find out your dosha type on Deepak Chopra’s site.

I have slacked off a bit  but I am getting right back on track. I have gone to the grocery store and have purchased my foods and some lovely body oils that are sure to hydrate and quench my thirsty skin!

Alternative Natural Beauty

Budget Beauty the Buddha would approve of!

With Ayurveda, the lifestyle encourages body oils that calm, soothe, and help heal the skin. The therapeutic scents of each oil help re-energize, soothe, relax, and help to heal tired, dull, or sore skin and muscles. The lifestyle teaches you to appreciate your skin and repeat a mantra as you massage and reconnect with your self. Alicia Silverstone of The Kind Life also follows this in her own vegan routine and book The Kind Life because it helps to have a deeper appreciation of your God-given natural beauty, animals, and the world around you.

I scored these goodies on my trip to Target today along with some $1 chobani yogurts (try the Coco Loco). These items were all on sale, but regularly priced are not so bad as well.

The Village Naturals body wash in Lavender & Chamomile smells heavenly and is priced at around $3.79. It does not test on animals and has natural ingredients.

The Weleda body oil set contains six different oils, each specified for a different use.

  • Birch Cellulite oil contains organic birch leaf extract to help detoxify skin and improve smoothness, goodbye pesky lumps & bumps on my thighs!
  • Arnica Massage oil uses Arnica flowers to soothe tired muscles. When used during a massage, it heats things up!
  • My favorite of all aromatherapy scents is Lavender. The Lavender Relaxing Body Oil uses organic lavender to balance and soothe after a long day. Mommies need things like that after a day of spit-ups, playtime, and cranky babies. I use a Lavender calming lotion from Burt’s Bees on my daughter as well as a Lavender scented bedtime spray from Mommy’s Bliss.
  • Sea Buckthorn Body oil made of organic sea buckthorn berries contain unsaturated fatty acids, with vitamins A and E to replenish and hydrate skin. Perfect for us Floridians who tend to dry out in the heat.
  • Wild Rose Body oil uses organic musk of rose to improve skin’s suppleness and elasticity. It also leaves a nice scent, an alternative to heavy perfumes!
  • To help prevent signs of aging, the Pomegranate Regenerating Body oil is great for helping your skin along its own natural renewal process. It also firms and smooths the skin.

This set was just $10, regularly $14.99, Weleda is 100% certified natural skin care and it’s derived 100% from plants and natural sources. Even their packaging is eco-friendly!

Tom’s of Maine, a widely popular brand, promotes natural alternatives for antiperspirants. They do not test on animals or contain preservatives or artificial ingredients. I have the apricot one and had to jump on the naturally dry brand that’s scented “natural powder”. I can’t wait to try it as I want to fully switch over to a more Eco-friendly and body conscious beauty routine. Right now, I am switching back and forth between Tom’s and my other Dove deodorant due to the intense Florida heat. I’m hoping this works out, if not I’ll keep trying! The Tom’s was just $2.99 normally around $4-$5.

Last but not least, I found some B12 vitamins on sale. Vitamins and supplements are always good to take, but consult your nutritionist or physician to see if it is recommended. I am still taking pre-natal vitamins but will see how the B12 helps me out with regard to energy and overall health.

All of these products are great to splurge on when they are on sale or if they are regularly priced (you might have to save a while), they benefit you and your wallet and also everyone around you. With my daughter teething, she’s constantly finding a way to suck on my arm or hand and I’d hate to think that my other non-friendly beauty products were going into her little body.

I hope you enjoyed this post and please look into Ayurveda. It is so healing for the mind, body and soul. Or try to slowly incorporate at least 1-2 vegetarian or vegan meals into your life. I have tried for many years to be a very strict vegetarian. I realized I was being too hard on myself and I was not doing it correctly. I was getting sick and wasn’t eating the right foods. When I met my friend Vickie, who is a vegetarian and future nutritionist, she really helped me learn how to cook WHOLE foods without meat. They were filling, delicious, and I started to think twice about my meals.

So even if you do a little, a little goes a long way and in the end you’ll feel good about how you’ve treated yourself and it’s one more contribution for the greater good.

P.S. Not found in Target, but another brand that is just as GREEN  that I’m crazy about and great for the body – Shampoo Bars, Massage Bars, Skincare & More!

Love & Be Light!

Jessica xo

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